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Things To Consider

Things To Consider: FAQ

What do you want to get from therapy?

It can be useful to consider this question when coming to therapy. If we have a goal to work towards it can help you focus and see when and if progress is being made.

How can I be helpful to you?

It's equally important for you to be able to tell me how you want me to assist you. I will be honest about what I can and cannot do

Be as open and honest as you can

Don’t assume I know it all. Each client is different and so are their needs. It's my hope to provide a safe space for you to be able to open up but... I can't read your mind! I rely on you to respond as honestly as you can. This may be a bit challenging at first but I'm sure we can develop it. However, if you don’t feel we can have open communication, this leads to my next point…..

Give me honest feedback (if you can!)

Tell me if you feel I am not helping or if something I do or say doesn’t feel right for you. Often this is the place where you see how a real trusting relationship can develop, where I can get it wrong and hear that from you.

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